Holiday shop update. Cancelled Wed after school.
Tue, Dec 13 10:00pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary
Hi everyone, Sorry for late notice but tomorrow's holiday shop will be closed after school as we don't have enough volunteers signed up to staff it. We are looking for Thursday afternoon volunteers as well otherwise we may need to cancel again. We will be open before school everyday and Friday after school. The shop has been going great and it's been wonderful to see the kids excited to get gifts for their friends and family. Please sign up on konstella under sign ups if you can spare an hour. It's very easy, fun, and rewarding! We also have $1 coupons so the kids can get something! The kids should bring their money envelopes to the holiday shop and not to the teacher as they are not collecting it. Sorry for any confusion! It is out first attempt at this type of event and there is a lot to learn! The feedback has been positive however so thank you for all who came. We are very busy in the mornings and have to limit the number of people who can shop so thank you for your patience! This is a free service the PTA is providing. We are not using it as a fundraiser and it is great to see the community enjoying it!