How do you say Hello in...? - Culture Night (Week!)
Wed, Apr 21 5:14pm

Hello Dolphins,

Join in the fun!

Don't forget to send us your short video saying a greeting or hello in your own language or any language you'd like!   Parents and teachers are welcome to do so as well!   Send it to no later than this Friday April 23rd by 6pm so we can do the montage and showcase it on Monday April 26.

Thank you!


Vallejo Mill PTA




Culture Week Schedule:


Monday, April 26: How do you say Hello in...? - Send us a short video (no later than April 23rd at 6pm) with a greeting or saying hello in your language or any language you like (parents are welcome too!), we will share the video composition on that  Monday.


Tuesday, April 27: Color me flag! - Color a flag or draw something from your culture or any culture you like and share in the classroom.


Thursday, April 29: Show and tell! - Share with your classmates something from your cultural background or something you picked up from a trip (it could be an object, a doll, a book, anything!).


Friday, April 30: Pride! - Wear an outfit from your country or any other country that you like   /  MAIN EVENT at 5:30pm via zoom  (sign up here to get the zoom link: