Important information regarding our PTA, please read.
Thu, Apr 19 10:54pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary
PTA Executive Board Elections - Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm.  We will hold elections for next years Executive PTA Board.
 We need our Vallejo Mill parents to step up to the plate and be a part of Vallejo Mill's future. The present PTA board will either be gone next year or have only one year before they leave our school. All the knowledge and experience of past years will be lost if the next generation of volunteers don't step up to take PTA Executive Board (President, Secretary, Treasurer) positions. 
Some events sponsored, organized and funded by the PTA are: Color Run/Dolphin Dash, Halloween Carnival, Culture Night, Movie Nights, Talent Show.  Without an incoming PTA executive board, these events will not be possible next year and all the remaining funds that our children raised this year must be given to the district PTA.  That means Vallejo Mills will lose thousands of dollars.
Aside from these events, the PTA also supports our classrooms with a donation of $15 per student.  This donation allows the teachers to purchase supplies and fund field trips. The PTA also grants funds to the library, science & computer labs, P.E and Resource  teachers.
Every year the PTA aims high for a special addition to our school campus such as the brand new playground installed recently.  In past years the PTA sponsored the backpack hooks installed in front of each classroom and the digital marquee installed in front of the school last year.
You can be the difference for our kids and make the decisions on how we raise funds for the school and where we should spend it. Please attend our next PTA meeting to vote for next year's executive board on Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm in the MUR.