Join the PTA: "We Need S'more Parents Like You!" Contest details in this email
Tue, Sep 25 10:34pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary







Thank you to everyone who has joined the Vallejo Mill PTA so far!

 This Friday, 9/28 is the deadline to turn in PTA membership forms and have them be applied towards the PTA membership contest.


The class with the highest percentage of PTA memberships wins a pizza and ice cream party.  The teacher of the winning class wins a $50 Target gift card. 

The classroom with the second highest percentage of PTA memberships wins an ice cream party and their teacher wins a $25 gift card.


We are still tallying memberships but as of last week, Room 10 was in the lead!  There is still time to turn in your membership form and help your class win!  Parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, and the kids themselves can join the PTA.  Each membership is $10.  Becoming a member does not mean you are pledging anything other than your support via the $10 membership fee.  If you would like to volunteer your time we will have opportunities to donate time and energy throughout the year.  

There is a membership form attached to this email.  Forms are also available in the office.


Leena Braich
PTA Membership Coordinator