NED’s Mindset Mission assembly on Friday, February 1st.
Wed, Jan 30 8:33am
Vallejo Mill Elementary

Good Morning VM families, 


We are having the NED’s Mindset Mission assembly on Friday, February 1st.

Upper: 9:00-9:45am (MUR)

Primary: 10:20-11:05am (MUR)

Parents are also welcome to attend!


This assembly focuses on the importance of having a growth mindset. By using yo-yo and magic tricks, puppetry and storytelling – the performance will teach our students to:


Never Give up, Encourage Others, and Do their best!


In addition to having this assembly, we will also be selling yo-yos beginning Monday, February 4th through Friday, February 8th from 2:50-3:10pm in front of the school.


The money from yo-yo sales will go towards paying for the assembly using their Pay-It-Forward program. Please see the attached flier to learn more about NED’s Mindset Mission, as well as to check out the prices for each type of yo-yo that will be sold.


Andrea Marie Madrinan 

Elementary School Counselor
Fremont Unified School District
Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays
Vallejo Mill Elementary
(510) 793-1441 ext. 69257