Online Book Fair
Fri, May 22 11:44am

Just wanted to send one last reminder about the book fair that will be ending this weekend. Stay safe and healthy!




We will be having an online Scholastic book fair from 5/11-5/24.  The link is


There are over 6000 books to choose from and all orders will be shipped to your home.  


I know some of us are a  little disappointed that we can't have the actual book fair at school myself included.  It is so much fun to watch you viewing the video and deciding what to purchase.  When the carts and boxes are delivered, I can hardly wait for the end of the school day.  Setting it all up and shopping for what I think you would enjoy having in the library is so much fun.


Online shopping to me is a different experience but similar to a treasure hunt.  You can search for something specific for example Fetch 22 by Pilkey.  You can also search in a more general manner type in Graphic Novels.  I found several hidden gems this way.  There is a new graphic novel called Nat Enough you may be interested in.  There is also a new scary story by Mary Hahn called Guest.  Lots of choices for all tastes.  


Book fairs are the main way we raise money for new books for the library.  


I wanted to wish all of you Moms a Happy Mother's Day!


If you have any difficulty placing an order or have any questions regarding the book fair, you can email me at  Thank you.


Lisa Roszel

LMT Vallejo Mill Elementary