Please don't forget to turn in Box Tops to the office before school ends!!!!
Tue, May 29 10:56am
Vallejo Mill Elementary

Dear VM families, 


Thank you so much for all the Box Tops you have turned into the school so far this year.  Due to your collective efforts, we have raised around $500 for PE. 


The money collected from Box Tops goes towards our Computer Department for next school year.    Please look around the house, work, grandparents,  and friends houses for additional Box Tops 😃.  Our goal is to collect $1,000!!!


Box Tops can be found on cereal boxes, household products, etc.  Box Tops are worth 10 cents each.  When you purchase products that have Box Tops, cut out the Box Tops and send them to the school.  Your teacher will put the Box Tops in the Box Top collection box located in the school office.


Here's a list of products you can find Box Tops.,


Thank you,