Recruiting for the PTA Executive Board for next year: 2017-2018. Elections are April 4, 2017.
Mon, Mar 20 1:24pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary

The time has come to elect the PTA Executive Board for next year.  Next year's PTA Executive Board will be  elected at the PTA General meeting on April 4, 2017.  If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Executive Board for next year, please contact the PTA Executive Board nominations committee members.  The committee members are: Heidi Lach, Leena Braich or Kristy Maskel.  You may also respond to this email to express interest or nominate a candidate.


The PTA works with the principle, teachers, and students to fund and execute many vital programs.  The Culture Show, Talent Show, Halloween Carnival, Assemblies and Famliy Movie night are just some examples of events organized by the PTA and it's volunteers.     The PTA needs you to make sure we can make these events happen next year.



Current PTA Executive Board
President: Maya Pandya
Vice President: Heidi Lach
Secretary: Becky Lucero
Historian: Kristy Maskel
Treasurer: Erin Vaca
Auditor: Laura Acero
Financial Secretary: Harminder Jagpal
Parliamentarian: Leena Braich