Reminder: Staff Appreciation starts Monday (5/7)! Outline of events for week & teacher wish lists attached to this email.
Fri, May 4 2:28pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary



May 5th - May 11th
Some ways you may want to show your appreciation:

Monday: Bring a thank you note for your teacher.   Breakfast Parfait bar for teachers and staff.
Tuesday: Bring a ream of copy paper to school.   Snack cart for teachers and staff.
Wednesday: Bring a flower or plant for your teacher.  Salad Bar for teachers and staff.
Thursday: Bring school supplies from the post it notes off your teacher's Bouquet of Wishes*. Fruit Bar for teachers and Staff
Friday: Bring a gift card in appreciation of  your teacher.  Please see attached Wish list.  


New this year - Special "Thanks" wall:  We will set up a "Thanks" wall next to the PTA announcement box in the front of the school on Monday 5/7.  It will be a clothes line style set up and thank you notes from the kids will be displayed for all the staff and teachers to enjoy.  If your child would like to create a thank you note for the school staff (P.E. teacher, Librarian, Science teacher, Computer teacher, Principle, office staff, custodian), you can turn the drawing/note into the office.  A general drawing of appreciation for the school would also be welcome. We will then display their artwork on the "thank you" wall for staff appreciation week. Note - specific notes for their classroom teacher should be brought directly to the teacher.



The PTA requested the teachers to display a Bouquet of Wishes to guide families' generous outpouring of appreciation!  These post-it note bouquets are displayed outside their class or on their classroom door.  You may also refer to the  pdf wish list document attached to this email.

Please remember the following teachers:  P.E. (Mr. Fenton ), Computer (Mrs. Ng) and Science (Ms. Rustin), they provide school wide support!