Staff Appreciation: The breakfast was a bit hit!
Mon, May 1 9:42pm
Room 1 - Mrs. Garcia


Thank you to everyone who donated to make the Staff Appreciation Breakfast a success!!


We had an awesome team of volunteers set up the staff room and it looked very festive.   A table was laid out with yogurt, granola, and an assortment of fresh fruit and juices.  Starbucks donated the coffee and two platters of pastries.  The Teachers and Staff were very appreciative of our efforts.

The PTA presented each staff member with a  Vallejo Mill mug filled with hot cocoa, and  custom made rice krispie treats.  


Let's continue to show the teachers our appreciation:

Tuesday: Bring a ream/pack of copy paper to school.

Wednesday: Bring a flower or plant for your teacher.

Thursday: Bring school supplies from the post it notes off your teacher’s Bouquest of Wishes.              The teacher wish list for supplies is attached to this email.  The Bouquet of wishes are  also posted in each classroom.
Friday: Treat your teacher and bring  him/her a gift card to Starbucks, Amazon, or Target.