Subject: Re: Urgent: Tell school board: Don't move Centerville Jr High School
Mon, Sep 25 4:37pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary
  • Dear Vallejo Mill Families, 


    The FuSD School Board is looking at plans to move Centerville to Thornton Jr. High site.  Does this affect you?  How would your family be affected if they moved Centerville to Thornton Jr. High site?  Do you know that you can make a difference about this decision?




    1. We need you to write letters and email them to each of the FUSD School Board members & Superintendent.  

    2.  We need you to come to the Board meeting at 4210 Technology Dive in Fremont this Wednesday 9/27/17 by 6pm & sign up to speak & tell the Board how this impacts your family & what you would like them to do.  

    3. We need you to share this information with your friend's & neighbors who will also be affected & ask them to speak up to do all 3 of these things as well. 




    The Board can only make decisions based on what they know from our community.  If you don't tell them, they will not know, & may make decisions that you may wish they had not. 


    I know the thought of speaking in public is scary to 99% of us, me included, but it is only 2-3 minutes of time you will be given to speak. You can prepare in advance what you would like to say & read it to the Board to help through the anxiety.  It will be over so fast, but the impact you will make may impact generations more children. CENTERVILLE NEEDS YOUR HELP  & support to have a fighting chance of staying where it is located.  If you want Centerville to stay where it is, you have to help be part of of a strong support system for it to stay.   

    We need to tell the school board that Centerville should stay a middle school.




    Next Wednesday 9/27 the Fremont School Board will be considering a plan to build a new middle school and likely move Centerville to the Thornton campus.  Thornton students would then move to a new location on Decoto and Fremont Blvd.  Attend the meeting.  Sign up to speak on how this affects your families.  


    All Centerville attendance area parents, students, staff, and community members need to TAKE ACTION NOW and delay or change this decision.  


    While Thornton is a slightly bigger site, there are many benefits to keeping Centerville a middle school.

    * It is in walking distance for more students than Thornton will be.

    * It has better facilities than Thornton (better science labs, more permanent classrooms, a gym that supports a one-of-a-kind intramural program).

    * It is close to Washington High School which allows better collaboration

    * It has over 150 years of history and deep connections throughout the community.

    * It may be a better instructional site. We don't know. Staff has not been asked.


    The district has not engaged the community or staff.  What other things will we all learn when more people are engaged on this decision.  


    Please contact your board members and ask for community review and discussion immediately!  This is a huge undertaking that affects our students, our community and the overall value of our homes.  


    Please join us at the board meeting (starts at 6 pm) to let you voice be heard.  I know American community members are organizing to be there too.  It’s critical the Washington community be there too!


    The board and district need to engage BOTH the Washington and American communities before making a decision as big as this one.


    School Board Members:


    1. President Ann Crosbie –

    2. Vice President Yang Shao –

    3. Clerk Michele Berke –

    4. Member Desrie Campbell –

    5. Member Larry Sweeney-"


    You can read the plans at the links below to board agendas and videos.


    Sep 27, 2017

    14.3 Authorize Staff to Proceed with the Design of the Recommended Projects for the Property at 35068 Fremont Boulevard (aka "Horse Property") 


    June 7, 2017 board item

    16.9 Receive Information on Options for Middle School Site Utilization in North Fremont 


    Video from the meeting, item starts at 17:12.  Board discussion at 34:15.


    Two of the four proposed plans will keep Centerville a middle school at the same location.  The other 2 plans has Centerville moving to Thornton Jr. High.