Support Our Teachers
Wed, Jun 6 10:32pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary
Hello Vallejo Mill Parents!
As many of you have noticed, our teachers have been demonstrating outside the school these past couple mornings.  As with all the other schools in the FUSD, our teachers are fighting for a fair salary contract that they have gone without for over a year. Our neighboring districts pay teachers, counselors, nurses, specialists, far more than they do in Fremont. Without a higher salary, Fremont will not be able to retain nor attract high level, quality educators. If you would like more information, go to www://  and watch a video of the FUDTA (Fremont Unified District Teachers Association) president explain to the school board their need for a salary increase.   While you're there, sign their petition and show your support.  
Note that teachers are now 'Working to the Rule"... meaning that they are working strictly according to their paid, contracted duties and hours.  Until they get a new contract, they will be working only from the first bell to the last bell. They will not be keeping their doors open during their lunch break nor helping/tutoring after school.  All grading and communication with families will be done during their compensated work day. And because they will not be planning or attending any extracurricular events, Field Day has been cancelled. 
Let's support our teachers by joining them out the school tomorrow morning!  Strength in numbers!
Other ways to show your support?
- Sign the petition
- Write to the FUSD Board of Education
- Vote in the upcoming elections (many board members are up for re-election or running for city council)