The Salad Bar was a success. - Pics attached. Find out how you can help make Staff Appreciation special for everyone!
Wed, May 9 2:14pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary


The salad bar was a success!  Thanks to all the donations we were able to serve: four types of salads, rolls, bread & dip, rotisserie chicken salad and a veggie tray.  It was quite a spread.


We are holding a school wide teacher and staff raffle tomorrow, Thursday, 5/10.  We have 37 raffle items so far.  We would love to raffle 50 items so that each staff/teacher would receive a raffle item.  If you have items you want do donate towards the raffle, today is the last day.  Items of interest are gift cards to Target, Staples, Dollar Store, Michaels, Starbucks, Jamba Juice.  You can drop off items at my house or the office in the morning.  We are holding the raffle at 11:30 am tomorrow.


Tomorrow is also the day to bring in items off your teacher's wish list.  If your teacher did not list items on their wishlist (some of them are shy), I happen to know that all teachers love: Expo dry erase pens, colored flair pens, sticky notes, reams of paper, colored card stock.


This has been a great event to plan and execute.  So many people pitched in to make it a special week for the teachers and staff at Vallejo Mill.  Many of you stopped by my house or texted me to donate items, money and/or gift cards.  This week, together we were able to do great things!  I enjoyed chatting with the new faces.  We could not have had such a fantastic participation rate without everyone pitching in. If you have not donated yet, please take this opportunity to donate gift cards towards the raffle tomorrow.  The teachers and staff will be so thankful.