The snack cart is stocked and ready! -Pics attached
Tue, May 8 9:38am
Vallejo Mill Elementary


Thanks to the generous outpouring of donations from our VM parents...our snack cart is stocked with goodies for the teachers and staff of Vallejo Mill!


Teachers and Staff, please head over to enjoy the selection of snacks we have in store for you! Everything from a variety of chips, granola bars and cookies to trail mix, Chex mix, crackers, donuts and more.  Everything is individually packaged so you can stock up for later.  


When I originally envisioned a snack cart I was going to load up our IKEA Raskog with some snacks and that was going to be our snack cart.  We had so many donations that the snack cart became our satellite cart located in  the office and the main snack spread is in the staff room.  Thanks to all the families that donated items to make this possible.