Vallejo Mill PTA Executive Board needs you!
Mon, Feb 26 4:55pm
Vallejo Mill Elementary


Attention Vallejo Mill Parents!


This year's executive board will either be gone next year or have only one year left before the Spanish Immersion school opens in 2019. Without PTA executives (President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc) many of the activities and events that happen throughout the year (Dolphin Dash/Color Run, Halloween Carnival, Movie Nights, Culture Night, etc), will not be possible and the remaining funds of what our children have raised this year will be given to the district PTA office.

So if you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of Vallejo Mill's future, please contact the present PTA president, Geralyn Magunda ( Past PTA boards made the decisions to raise funds for new playgrounds, install the new marquee, contribute more money per student to each classroom.

If you are on next year's executive board, YOU will help decide what VM's next goal will be.