Vallejo Mill School Supply Donation Drive- please consider donating some supply items to the school reserve
Sun, Aug 26 9:34am
Vallejo Mill Elementary



Hello Vallejo Mill Families,


It's that time of year again, many of you will be purchasing school supplies to get your kids ready for back to school. This year we are asking that you consider purchasing a couple of extra items to donate to the school supply reserve.  We will have a donation table set up first day of school to collect extra school supplies.  These will be placed in the office and be a resource for teachers who do not have enough supplies for their classroom.

The office was constantly in need of paper throughout the school year last year.  There are currently great sales going on right now, it's a good time to buy some extra copy paper to donate to the office.  Some stores have specials going on for a whole case of copy paper.  For example, Staples has a case for $34.


There is a supply list attached to this emails. Let's get together as a community and make sure all the kids at Vallejo Mill have enough supplies to start the school year off on the right foot! 



Here are some items you may consider donating:

copy paper

glue sticks

crayons (26 pack) - currently fifty cents at Staples

markers thick or thin - currently $1.00 at Staples


composition books

Expo pens

storage box for pencils/pens supplies - $1 at Staple

thin pocket folders with prongs in the middle 



*Note - Staples was just used as an example.  You may shop anywhere convenient to you as there are great sales at all the supply stores.



Vallejo Mill PTA