Panther Run Updates
Wed, Apr 18 5:36pm

Dear Parents and Friends of WA Porter!


Tomorrow is the Panther Run and we are so excited.  Shirts were delivered to your students' desk after school so they will be ready for them in the morning. 


It is not too late to donate!  We are have less than $10,000 to go until we meet our goal!  Check out the attached videos to see what teachers are saying about the Panther Run and how it benefits WA Porter.


Here are a few helpful hints for tomorrow:


1) you might want some sunscreen

2) running shoes are always a plus

3) we will provide water bottles

4) come with a happy heart

5) tattoos and eyeblacks will be for sale at drop off


Thank you for your unwavering support.

The WA Porter PTA


 Panther Video #1

Panther Video #2