April Is the Month of the Military Child
Mon, Apr 20 3:48pm

APRIL ​is ​the ​MONTH ​of ​the ​MILITARY ​CHILD


​We SALUTE our military-connected students and the many ways these students model perseverance, resilience, tolerance, diligence, courage, understanding, and much more! Such character is observed when our military-connected students cope with deployments, moves, new schools, new communities, and making new friends while missing old friends.


Please join Taylor's plan to recognize our military students with Spirit Week, April 20-24:



Monday-“Fit and Reporting for Duty Day in your Athletic Gear!" 


Tuesday-“Our Troops Allow America to Shine Bright and Sparkle” Wear stars, sparkles, and anything shiny! 


Wednesday-“Purple Up Day!” Report wearing purple showing support for our military students!


Thursday-“Military Families are our Super Heroes!” Wear your favorite super hero look! 


Friday-"Proud to be an American Day” Report wearing red, white, and/or blue!



Deborah Guest, M.S.Ed.

Professional School Counselor

W.H. Taylor Elementary School 

(757) 628-2525