A Successful 2019 Community Service Day!
Mon, Oct 14 2:31pm
A BIG Thank You to everyone who participated in Community Service Day 2019! Many hands of all ages made light work, and we wrapped up all our projects in just two hours! We had a great participation with 86 volunteers (44 adults, 42 kids)!
Participating WA families, teachers & staff, cub scouts and even neighbors and high school students:
Principal Luong, Robert and Sondra; Mrs. Clark and her husband; Trana (CSD Project Co-leaders); Clerempuy (CSD Project Co-leader); Tolerton; Bennett; Lennon; Kilpatrick; Judd; Petrov; Derr; Vu; Enriquez; Portilla; Pava; Vedeler; Gudmundson; Wright; Hayes; Davis; Watkins; Conley; Sherrill-Munoz; Guy; Brandenburg; Horton; Amick-Giapitsoglou; Hardin; Pickering; Chayer-Doiron; Russell; Ward; Paynton; Olsen; Chu; Kane.

Projects done:
- Dust library shelves and clean-up tables & chairs
- Power wash and scrub outdoor lunch tables in courtyard
- Clean-up the play structure on the playground
- Repaint the two "buddy benches"
- Plant drought resistant plants in various planters
- Sort, transfer & organize emergency supplies in a different shed
- Pick up trash and leaves around campus
- Clean-up Kindergarten outdoor tables and play structure
- Weed and clean-up Kindergarten garden
- Clean the lids of the recycling club garbages

And we also thank the WA Student Council for donating $200 to cover the needed supplies and The Ruth Bancroft Garden for donating plants.

So grateful for our wonderful community...See you next year!

CSD Committee