Art in Place (resources for continuing creativity and art at home)
Thu, Apr 2 9:55am

Greetings Walnut Acres families,

As we adjust to our new normal of providing meaningful educational opportunities for our kids at home, we want to provide you with ways to continue an important part of our children's learning to you house: ART. Our Art Awareness program is a parent-led art experience for students to explore art concepts, create and experiment.

We have curated a list of resources to help you continue bringing art into your students' lives. From on demand directed draw and live daily art sessions, to our favorite go-to lessons and online idea resources, to virtual art museum tours - we hope this will empower you to feel comfortable bringing art lessons into your dining room. Our awesome grade-level art awareness teachers have contributed some of their favorite lessons and links as well. Please check out the this google doc and start creating today.

Additionally, we've collaborated with our WA tech expert Patty Galindo to create a Virtual Art Show where you and your students can upload pictures of art projects they've done at home to inspire others, upload art from class this past year, share their work and continue our community connection. Or, if you had created a piece for the art show and have been wondering where to display, this would be a perfect place to do so! Please share your art and inspire others with your wonderful work, we can't wait to see everyone's creativity!

Lastly, we know that for many adults, art is not at the forefront of our daily lives, and as such can revert to saying things like "I can't draw," "I'm not good at art," and so on. At their age, we want our elementary students to learn that art is everywhere and everyone is an artist, there is no right or wrong way to be creative, and that the creative process is more important than the outcome. You can support your child's foundation in art by refraining from saying negative or self-deprecating statements. Instead, encourage them just to start somewhere, focus on the process of "doing" and celebrate the outcome no matter what!

We hope these resources help inspire creativity in your shelter-in-place reality.

Ryley Katz & Katie Reed
PFC Art Awareness Leads