Calling All Performers!...
Fri, Mar 17 9:07am

 Does your student love the spotlight? 


Please consider performing at the International Fair. It's a simple & spectacular way to showcase our community's many cultures & the deep pride that goes with them.  Stuck on Ideas?  Try one of these:


--Teach us your favorite word 

--Show us a popular cultural dance step

--Sing your National Anthem (or another traditional song)

--Do a Popular Sports Cheer (i.e., a World Cup soccer chant)

--Recite a Poem

--Tell a Joke

--Share Insider Travel Advice

--Wear & Explain a Traditional Outfit

**Demonstrate a Popular Custom or Holiday Tradition


Pro Tips:

--Keep it simple

--Limit your presentation to  five minutes or less

--Include your kids (after all, this festival is for them!)

--Involve your local community: There are many dance troupes, martial arts schools, & other performance-based groups right here in Walnut Creek! WAE alumns (high schoolers especially) also love a good reason to return to campus and support our school. Invite them to join you (or to take your place on stage. ;)

--Get loose, & have fun!


No performance is too small, and you don't need to be a table ambassador to share the stage. We are so excited to showcase  performances from around the world, including a few of last year's favorites. What will you do?


SIGN UP HERE! (Performer signup at the TOP of the page)


Got Questions?:

Contact: Amanda Regenstein on Konstella


It takes a village, and together, we can make this year's International Fair the talk of our town. Thanks for all that you do, & go team!