Calling all performers!...
Tue, Apr 12 5:10pm

 Does your student love the spotlight? Please consider performing at the International Fair. It's a simple & spectacular way to showcase our community's many cultures & the deep pride that goes with them.  We would also welcome performers from local groups outside of our school community. Stuck on Ideas? Try one of these:

--Teach us your favorite word 

--Sing your National Anthem (or another traditional song)

--Do a Popular Sports Cheer (i.e., a World Cup soccer chant)

--Recite a Poem

--Tell a Joke

--Share Insider Travel Advice

--Wear & Explain a Traditional Outfit

--Demonstrate a Popular Custom or Holiday Tradition

Pro Tips:

--Keep it simple

--Limit your presentation to  five minutes or less

--Include your kids (after all, this festival is for them!)

--Involve your local community: There are many dance troupes, martial arts schools, & other performance-based groups right here in Walnut Creek! Invite them to join you (or to take your place on stage. ;)

--Get loose, & have fun!


We are so excited to already have  performances scheduled from few different countries, including singing and dancing. What will you do?

SIGN UP HERE! (Performer signup at the bottom)

Got Questions?:

Contact Amanda Regenstein on Konstella.

It takes a village, and together, we can make this year's International Fair the talk of our town. Thanks for all that you do, & go, team!