Change Drive - Water Bottle Wars: Clean Water, Clean Earth... Feb 5 - 14
Fri, Feb 1 1:19pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

Our Fifth Grade Girl Scout Troop is organizing a fundraising change drive to raise money for a filtered water bottle filling station for the water fountain near the Reading Lab. We are challenging our fellow students to help us meet our goal!

From Feb 5 - 14, bring your spare change or bills to school and put them in the labeled water bottle in YOUR classroom. The classroom that raises the most funds in each grade level will earn an extra recess, and the top three classes in the school will earn the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Water Bottle Awards!

Please help us make our campus a little more environmentally friendly by contributing to our fundraiser, and by using reusable water bottles!

Thank you from the Fifth Grade Girl Scout Troop 33570

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