Check out who is winning the Water Bottle Wars!
Mon, Feb 11 12:45pm
Walnut Acres Elementary
Will Your Class Win an Extra Recess?
Water Bottle Wars are in full swing, and so far, these classrooms are on track to get an extra recess... 
K - Kading; 1st - McGoldrick; 2nd - Cowles; 3rd - Perham; 4th - Myers; 5th - Clark
But your class can take the lead by filling up the water bottle in your classroom with more SPARE CHANGE! Check out the Water Bottle Wars standings here to see where your class stands:!  Image result for reusable water bottle filling station
Our 5th grade girl scout troop organized Water Bottle Wars to raise money for our water fountain near the playground to get a water bottle filler & filter (and one for a a sister school, too).  They've counted up last week's change and so far have raised $342 out of their $1600 goal.
Just bring in your change (or bills) to the water bottle in your classroom by THIS THURSDAY, Feb 14th.
Who will win?!
Each top fundraising classroom per grade level will win extra recess!
The top 3 classrooms in the whole school will win special trophies!
And, we all win with cleaner water and environment. 
Thank you!