Collecting Supplies to take to Evacuation Centers in Napa and Sonoma Counties
Wed, Oct 11 3:54pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

Hello Walnut Acres Families, 

One of our parents, Lysandre Lavoie, has initiated a collection of supplies to take to evacuation centers in Napa and Sonoma counties. Here is the message she sent out to several moms this morning... 

"I am reaching out because I need to do something instead of feeling powerless watching the news every 10 minutes.  I will collect supplies to bring to shelters for the fire evacuees. 

What's needed in highest demand:
Air Mattresses and cots
Phone Chargers
Dry and Canned Pet Food (Dog, Cat, Kitten)
Animal crates and carriers small and large
Dog Bowls (Any bowls for food and water)
Can Openers
Storage Bins
Ziploc bags
Other pet supplies
(litter, bedding, leashes, collars)
Baby Strollers
Baby Carriers
Personal Protection Equipment (Masks, latex gloves, etc.)
Duct Tape
Work Gloves
Other items:
Non-perishable food items (that don't need to be cooked)
Can Openers
Camp stoves
Personal hygiene products (toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant, baby wipes, soap, eye drops, saline solution and contact lens cases, etc.)
Diapers in all sizes
Baby Food
New Socks
New Underwear
Toilet Paper
Feminine Hygene Products
Bandaids, Antibacterial Ointment, Etc.
Duffle Bags
Children's books
Coloring Books
Coloring supplies

So, if you have supplies, you could bring them to my house. I am planning a trip in the next few days. If my Minivan is not enough, I'll rent a U-Haul!"

Several people have offered to help collect and store items, and to transport them to evacuation centers this week. If you have items to donate, please drop them at Lysandre's house at 2821 San Benito Dr.  Drop off between 10 am and 9 pm.  If you can help transport, or need to reach Lysandre, please text her at 925-448-6389.