Countdown to Live and Let Bid Auction!
Thu, Jan 18 9:04am
Walnut Acres Elementary


With just six weeks until the big event, now’s the time to be a hero.  Here are five ways YOU can do your part to make this year’s auction a success:



  1. Donate Points, Miles, & Gift Cards or Tickets!
    Your unused credit card points, travel miles, and gift cards can help us put the final touches on an packaged experience that will raise funds at auction! Or tickets to a concert or performance you can’t attend could make one lucky bidder very happy!  Consider donating these rewards to support our school – email Courtney Biagi with details, or use the online form by February 1.

  2. Share Your Favorite Wine
    Do you have extra wine from the holidays or are you wine club member? Wine donations are still needed, so drop off a bottle (or a case!) of your favorite at 115 Los Banos Ave or email Marisa Linquist to coordinate a pick up by March 1. ($20 minimum value per bottle please)

  3. Carry On Our Wine Walk Tradition!
    We need hosts!  Walnut Acres Wine Walk is a blast for old friends and new families and it raises more funds than any other buy-in party at auction.  But we will say goodbye in 2018 if we can’t find hosts now.  If you want to help keep the tradition going, please contact Riva Bobrowsky ASAP for details.

  4. Get the Kids Together
    Calling all 1st,3rd, & 4th grade parents: we still need hosts for Kid Buy-In Parties to sell at auction! Your kid will love an event with friends from their grade, and it’s easier than you think.  These parties are always FUN for the kids and you – especially when you co-host with a friend!  Please contact Gosia Rees ASAP for ideas and instructions.
  5. Volunteer for Auction Night
    Be a behind the scenes hero! Our auction team still has spots to fill on event night to expedite the auction, collect bids, and ensure prize packages make it home with the winning bidders.  It’s the most fun you’ll have volunteering!  Look for Sign Ups coming on Konstella next week to get your backstage pass for this event. 

The days may be long, but the year is short – please don’t wait to help us reach our 2018 fundraising goals and make EVERY year at Walnut Acres a wonderful experience for our kids!


To everyone who has donated so far and everyone who will step up to answer this final call...




...from Catalina Franklin, Shakeya Garcia, and the entire Walnut Acres PFC Auction Team!