Do Not Pay for Pictures
Mon, Jan 11 3:17pm

Dear Parents,

I have been notified that you may be receiving emails from Lifetouch to purchase pictures.  Please do not pay.  We do not have a contract with them, and there is no set date for Picture Day. I have already called and asked Lifetouch to stop sending these emails. I apologize for any confusion.  As mentioned in my Update earlier this morning, you may submit your own pictures to our yearbook by following these steps. Any yearbook questions can be directed to Erica Davis and Carrie Million (

Please submit your pictures using the following directions: 

  1. go to: Enter school code walnutacres, fill in your contact information
  2. Click "select images for upload". Click "Browse for Images".
  3. Locate our images, click on them, then click "Open".
  4. Enter the information for each image. Please include "grade(s) of students" and provide the teacher's name if known. For "student(s) shown", type N/A. Please include the activity the picture represents (cooking, P.E., trip...)
  5. Click "upload images".



Principal Luong