Does Your Child Want to Be An Influencer?
Mon, Apr 17 8:51am

 Does your student dream of being an influencer? (You know, like the cool kids --& even adults-- who they watch on YouTube & TikTok.) Well, we have the answer:


Sign them up to perform at this Friday's International Fair! It's an easy & exciting way to showcase  your student, and they'll love hearing all of the positive feedback from their friends and greater community the next week at school.


Got stage fright? Don't let it stop you! The best performances are really short & simple. It can be as short and easy as telling us about your favorite place to visit in the world, sharing a fun or surprising fact about a particular country, or teaching us how to say a popular phrase in any language (slang is especially fun!)


Of course, you are free to go much bigger, like dancing, singing, lip syncing to a favorite pop song. You can share a craft or artifact with us, dress up as a famous person from any country, read a poem. Anything goes!


It will be such a fun way to celebrate our community's many cultures & the deep pride that goes with them, and we'd really love to see anyone from your family or group of friends on stage!


Still stuck on Ideas?  Try one of these:

--Teach us your favorite foreign word 

--Show us a popular cultural dance step

--Sing your National Anthem (or another traditional song)

--Do a Popular Sports Cheer (i.e., a World Cup soccer chant)

--Tell a Joke

--Share Insider Travel Advice

--Wear & Explain a Traditional Outfit

**Demonstrate a Popular Custom or Holiday Tradition


Pro Tips:

--Keep it simple

--Limit your presentation to  five minutes or less

--Include your kids (after all, this festival is for them!)

--Involve your local community: There are many dance troupes, martial arts schools, & other performance-based groups right here in Walnut Creek! WAE alumns (high schoolers especially) also love a good reason to return to campus and support our school. Invite them to join you (or to take your place on stage. ;)

--Get loose, & have fun!


No performance is too small, and you don't need to be a table ambassador to share the stage. We are so excited to showcase  performances from around the world, including a few of last year's favorites. What will you do?


SIGN UP HERE! before this Wednesday, 4/16! (scroll down to the performance sign ups section)


Got Questions?:

Contact: Amanda Regenstein on Konstella or email


It takes a village, and together, we can make this year's International Fair the talk of our town. Thanks for all that you do, & go team!