Don't Forget to Get Your School Supplies Kits for 2020-2021
Fri, Jun 5 9:46am

Hello Walnut Acres families!

We hope you are safe and well. As we prepare for the new school year, the teachers worked to identify their supply requirements for their classes.  An important part of making the school year run smoothly for our teachers is to make sure they have the supplies they need to help the kids learn.  As a result we ask that parents consider making a donation by providing a kit of school supplies requested by teachers by grade level.  These supplies are shared out within the class, and therefore if you are not able to make a donation, your child will not go without what they need. 

If you are able to donate supplies, there are two ways to do this. 

  1. There is a list of the requested items on the Walnut Acres website by clicking on the Classes tab, and then clicking on the appropriate grade level. These items can be found at any office supply store, or Amazon or at Target.
  2. You can buy all the requested supplies through our partner School Tool Box.  All the items requested are delivered to your home in one box!  Visit and search for Walnut Acres Elementary, and then click on the appropriate grade level.  You can find more information here on the PFC website

Teachers ask that the supply kits are brought to the classroom on the first or second day of school.

There is no deadline to order however they can take a few weeks to prepare and ship so don't order too late.

If you have any questions please feel free to Colette Davis at