Facebook Live Friday and Best of Live Raffle Tomorrow at 8am!
Wed, Mar 18 5:49pm

There's been a lot to read but now there's something to do!

  1. Purchase a Raffle ticket for a chance to snag of one of five items before bidding begins

    Set your alarm for 8am tomorrow so you can purchase a Best of Live raffle ticket! Just $50 buys you a chance to win first pick of five incredible auction items – with no bidding required! Raffle tickets on sale Thursday 8am - Friday noon or until we sell out. With only 50 tickets, odds are in your favor, so act fast! We will announce the winner over Facebook Live at 4pm on Friday.

  2.  Watch our Facebook Live coverage of #AcresAlmostAuction! Join our Facebook event or follow us at @WalnutAcresPFC for updates, including real-time bidding commentary. We'll be going LIVE for Best of Live AND a play-by-play of Virtual Auction. So get the kids to bed early, or set them up with a long movie, pour a glass (or six!) of your fav beverage, and get ready to join the fun of  #AcresAlmostAuction!


With a new item up for bid every 3-5 minutes,  a couple hours to Fund a Need, exclusive access to Wine Walk and Golf Tournament tickets, and live commentary from folks who have been #ShelterInPlace with the kids all week, it's going to be exciting!