Farewell to Summer BBQ- PARENT BUY-IN PARTY
Sat, Aug 17 6:00pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

***This event is a Parent Buy-Party that requires pre-purchased tickets.  This event is SOLD OUT.


Farewell to Summer BBQ (Adults Only)
Come enjoy the last of the warm summer evenings with a fabulous BBQ at the Shum-Nepacena home. School may be back in session, but there’s still time to enjoy a summer evening out (with no kids!)  

Think “Low and Slow” smoked BBQ, summer inspired cocktails and outdoor entertainment!

(Book your childcare early, as it’s the first weekend after kids all head back to school.)

$50/per person

Event Date: August, 17, 2019

Hosted by: Karen Nepacena & John Shum.  Co-hosted by: Jill Okimoto & Sean Jones, Dara & Mike Buzzard, Carolyn & Tyler Jones, M'Lissa & Mike Fleming