Final Hours of Online Auction - Place Your Winning Bids Now!
Mon, Mar 2 5:25pm

Online auction ends at 10pm tonight, so you have less than 2 hours to get your winning bids in!

From a happy hang out with Principal Luong to front row seats to a special night for your student, time is ticking until these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are off the table for good. 

Been meaning to try something new? Last call for date night dance lessons, family photos, or musical theater classes!

It's also your best chance to get tickets for grade level parties and parent events!

Think you've locked up what matters most? This is prime time for a sneak attack, so monitor your favorite items to be sure you don't get outbid!

Most importantly, there are just a couple hours left to get in on one of the most exciting fundraisers of the year and support our school. Every dollar you bid goes directly to fund educational programs and staff at Walnut Acres, and that makes everyone of us a winner!

Thanks for stepping up for our kids!