Fund-A-Needs Opportunities through the Walnut Acres Auction
Fri, Feb 23 11:39am
Walnut Acres Elementary

Hi Walnut Acres Families, 

Are you familiar with the Auction Fund-A-Need? This tradition is an integral part of our Auction and is designed to raise funds for specific school needs. This year, we are offering three Fund-A-Need opportunities which will give you a chance to donate funds towards different causes that you have told us are important to you.

Our Online Auction, offers two Fund-A-Need causes: 

Fund-A-Need for Safety and

Fund-A-Need: Reducing the Walnut Acres Carbon Footprint.

Our LIVE Auction on March 9th, will offer participants an opportunity to donate to a Fund-A-Need titled Upping our Game: Taking Classroom Tech to the Next Level.

Below is a brief description of the purpose of each Fund-A-Need offered. For more details, use your email to Sign Up for the 2018 Online Auction, or see the Live Auction Catalog, to be released soon.

Online Auction- Fund-A-Need for Safety

The Fund-A-Need for Safety will help Walnut Acres to create a Safety Fund to support future safety upgrades for our school that will help to protect our children and our teachers.  

Online Auction - Reducing the Walnut Acres Carbon Footprint:  Recycle, Rot and Reuse!

With the help of our students, teachers, and parents, it is our goal to create a permanent, clean, effectively-placed recycling area AND to develop a hands-on, multifunctional school garden that will use our compost products.

Live and Let Bid Live Auction Fund-A-Need - Upping our Game: Taking Classroom Tech to the Next Level

Our goal is to increase the number of readily available devices (Chromebooks, Ipads, and classroom chargers) for students at each grade level. We’re working toward having a individual set of devices for each grade level so that the teachers can have ready access to the technology they are using in their classrooms.