Good Eggs Organic Grocery Delivery Fundraising Offer for Walnut Acres Elementary
Wed, Oct 3 2:06pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

This fall, 5% of every grocery order you place on Good Eggs will go back to Walnut Acres Elementary!

The first 5 new families to join the fundraiser from our school this week will receive a free flower bouquet.

How to join the fundraiser:

  1. Visit
  1. Enter the code ROAR –– click "Shop Now."
  1. Add your groceries to your Good Eggs basket and check out.

New customers get $15 off with this code and if 20 new customers join the fundraiser, the school gets a $500 fundraising bonus.


Terms & Details
5% goes back on all orders in October and November. 
If you win a flower bouquet, Good Eggs will contact you directly. 
You must use the code ROAR on your order to join the fundraiser. 
You will see confirmation text that reads "You're supporting Walnut Acres Elementary!" at checkout. 
If you use another code at checkout your order will not be counted toward the fundraiser. 
Once you've used the code on an order, it will stick in your basket through the fundraising period –– no need to enter it again.


Questions? Email Jon Gomez, VP of Community Relations at