Help Collect Auction Donations Now!
Walnut Acres Elementary

We need volunteers to call or visit local businesses and remind them it's time to donate to our Auction.  Help secure quality donations like gift certificates and guest passes and other fun bid items that raise money for our kids!

No experience needed!  You'll receive printed flyers with all the details and an easy-to-follow script.  Businesses love to donate to PFC because they get free marketing and a tax deduction for the value of their donation - and they support a great school!  We just need a few helpers who can take time to call previous donors or visit nearby businesses. 

Please sign up below to Call Donors or Visit Businesses.  We will follow up with your specific list and answer any questions you might have.  Please plan to complete your calls/visits by November 15.  Helping with donations lets you do your part now so you can relax between the holidays and the party!


On behalf of the entire auction team,

Thanks in advance for helping make Live and Let Bid our best auction event yet!


Shakeya Garcia, Auction Co-Chair

Catalina Franklin, Auction Co-Chair

Courtney Biagi, Auction Donations Chair


Phone a list of donors to remind them it's time to donate items to our auction. Signed Up: 2 / 4

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Spend an hour or two visiting businesses on your assigned street or shopping complex to make it easy for them to donate immediately. Signed Up: 2 / 4

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