Help the STEAM Lab - DonorsChoose is offering Today only 50% matched donations when you help our students!
Tue, Dec 3 3:42pm

Hi Walnut Acres Friends,

I want to make sure our students have exactly what they need to succeed, so I've created a STEAM Lab project request page through DonorsChoose, the nonprofit classroom funding site for public school teachers.

Why I’m emailing you today: Right now, any contribution you make to my project will be 50% matched by An anonymous classroom supporter. This is an amazing opportunity for our STEAM Lab! Your donation will brighten our students' school year, and you'll get heartfelt thank yous from our students and photos of your gift in action.

Take a look at what I've requested for our students.

Donations will be matched 50% automatically, but only for today. Thank you for considering a gift to the STEAM Lab and students today!