Important Message about School Activities - PLEASE READ
Wed, May 17 4:48pm

Did you enjoy the school carnival this year? Did your kids love the monthly art awareness projects in their classrooms? Is the international fair your favorite event of the year? How about the ice cream social? Did you enjoy checking out the science fair and art show projects? Maybe you attended a morning coffee and made some new friends, or signed your kids up for one of the after-school enrichment classes. Community Service Day? Library? Morning drive-thru? If you would like to see these activities and programs continue, then we need your help!

Last night we voted in the 2023-24 PFC board positions, but we still have a couple crucial positions open. We need a VP of Activities for next year. This role is responsible for overseeing all of the activities and programs at Walnut Acres. While each of these activities has their own lead, the VP Activities is necessary to make it all happen. If you've been thinking about getting more involved at Walnut Acres, consider this your sign to take the plunge! This is a fun position that allows you to truly make an impact at Walnut Acres. It's a great opportunity to learn more about how our school runs, assist in making important decisions that impact our children and make a lot of new friends along the way. While my 2 year tenure is up, I am willing to assist as a co-lead this position for an additional year in order to train the new VP. 

You might be thinking...

"I work full-time and don't have the time to make this commitment"   Most of our executive board works full-time, including myself. Much of this position can be done from home. You will have support from the rest of the board as well as event/activity leads.

"I'm worried I won't do a good job"   We will set you up for success and I can work with you for the first year to ensure you feel confident in the position. 

"I'm still new to the school. Maybe when my kids are older"  This is the perfect way to get to know the school better. I had not attended many of these events when I started in this position. 


If you have any interest in this position, or would simply like additional information about the role, please contact Susan Heffran at