Info on Auction and Special Vote on January 30th - Please Join Us!
Fri, Jan 26 8:02am
Hello Walnut Acres Families -
After many years of our school Auction Gala selling out within minutes and not being able to accommodate all who wanted to attend, the PFC Exec Board asked us to research moving to a new larger venue so we could include more of our community. After lots of research and approval from the PFC Exec Board, we were excited to secure a new and LARGER location at the Walnut Creek Marriott! This new location gives us both the opportunity to open this event up to more members of our community AND potentially raise additional funds for our school.
In order to move to this larger location, along with a +40% increase in anticipated headcount, we will be incurring additional expenses for the event. Our per person cost is increasing 14% to accommodate the new venue. The good news is that we anticipate offsetting much of the added cost through additional donations from the 100 extra community members we can accommodate! We will be holding a special vote on January 30th at 7pm, asking you to authorize the additional budget needed in order to hold our Auction Gala this year.
Ask: Increase the Auction Gala budget by $24,000. This will increase capacity by 40% and give us the opportunity to raise additional funds to invest into our school. 
So please join us for the Special Session on Tuesday January 30th at 7pm (via Zoom).
Thank you in advance for support, and look for more communications regarding our Auction Gala on Friday April 12, 2024!
- Your 2024 Auction Gala Committee