International Fair Tomorrow!
Thu, Apr 25 8:23pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

Thank you for your support of the Walnut Acres 2019 International Fair tomorrow, April 26 from 4 to 7. A couple reminders:

-Bring a filled reusable water bottle for each member of your family as it looks to be  a warm day tomorrow.
-Bring cash or your checkbook to donate or bid on items.
Our goal is to raise funds for next year's International Fair,  provide new cultural and language books for the library,  and possibly a new world map for the school.   Your generous parent volunteers are also providing an array of wonderful treats for you to enjoy.  Our community partners have provided a great variety of items to bid on, from Sparta Tae Kwon Do's 3-month pass and uniform to Yalla Mediterranean's 8-person catering gift certificate and lots more!  
Do not miss these deals and at the same time know you are donating to Walnut Acres' vision of inclusivity, global citizenship, and collaboration.  Also thanks in advance to our Recycling Club who will be present at the fair. 
See you tomorrow!
Jenny Kim and the International Fair Team