Join us for a Special General Meeting to vote on new budget items for 2022-23 school year
Wed, Sep 7 7:00pm-7:15pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

Hello WAE,


For those of you that haven't been involved in the PFC budget process, each May we vote on our budget for the next school year.  


We need to make an update to our current  budget to account for new events we have planned for us all to enjoy!  We can't wait until the first official General Meeting on Sept 20th to vote, as some of the events need to start spending approved money and therefore calling a quick meeting to hold the vote.


This should be a quick (10 min or less) and we need membership (that is all of you!) to help us with the approvals.   


View agenda here.

Meeting ID: 820 7993 7147
Passcode: 8KqcUK


Thanks for participating!

PFC Exec Team