Keeping trust in our community with proper use of personal data in Konstella
Tue, Feb 22 9:12pm

Hello Walnut Acres Families!


What a quick start of 2022 it has been! 


I want to take a moment to speak about use of personal contact information in Konstella.  Konstella serves as a platform to strengthen our community through connection with other families and our teachers at Walnut Acres.  As such, many of us share personal information in Konstella to be used as needed for the benefit of our community. That personal information should not be used to progress a personal platform.    When that happens, our community loses trust in the platforms we are using for the connection.


Contact information in Konstella should never be shared outside our community without written consent from the individual(s) and should never be used for mass communication.  If you need to connect with multiple families at Walnut Acres, you can reach out to our VP of Communications  to help you with your communication.  If Konstella is not an appropriate platform for your message, then you likewise should not be pulling personal contact information to reach families.    Use your own personal contacts that you already have established.


For those that want to change their settings, go to "Account Settings" -> "Privacy" and you'll be able to update what is visible to others in the Walnut Acres Konstella community.


If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to me, Melanie Mitsch, to discuss.