Look Forward to Firetruck Adventure for Four!
Sun, Mar 15 10:18pm

Sometimes having an incredible event on the horizon can help us through the dreary days. So imagine how happy someone in your house would be to dream about the day he or she will be dropped off at school by a real live fire engine!

As if rolling in on the rig isn’t enough, this experience includes carrying tools while wearing a hosepack, backpack, turnout coat, and helmet.  And the only thing that could make such a once in a lifetime experience better is sharing it with three of your best friends!

At this year’s Virtual Auction, one lucky winner will get the chance to make this dream come true! So, while you’re texting your friends about what you can possibly do to keep your kiddos occupied over the next few weeks at home, ask whether they are interested in going in together on a firetruck adventure to be redeemed at a time that works for all four kids. \

Plan to join our Virtual Auction next Friday, March 20 at 8pm for your chance to bid on this incredible experience. And plan ahead with friends to go big and secure a spot for each of your four kids!