Looking to make a difference? Host a party!
Thu, Jan 16 4:17pm
Did you make a New Years resolution to volunteer more in 2020?  Here’s your chance to fulfill that goal!  We are looking for families to host kid buy-in parties. Everyone needs something to look forward to during the winter and early spring seasons, and a party with friends from school that raises much needed funds at the same time is the perfect event!
Consider hosting an indoor playtime, Bounce Away at Pump it up or Sky High, Movie Nights, The Oscars, College Hoops and March Madness Tournament, Super Bowl, Bbbrrrrave the Outdoors, Valentine’s Making Party, Celebrate Spring...there are so many fun opportunities just waiting to be hosted! 
Want to get involved but never hosted before? Let us know and we can walk you through the process - and even connect you with other families to work together! Or simply gather a few of your Walnut Acres friends and get party planning today!
Contact Sarah Waters at kidbuyinparties@walnutacrespfc.net today!