Lunch Patrol
Walnut Acres Elementary
1 day before
Lunch Patrol/First Aid volunteers are needed Monday thru Friday (except Wednesdays), 11:20 am -1 pm.  Parents are also welcome to sign up for part of the time if needed (i.e. at least 45 minutes). Please notify the Lunch Patrol/First Aid committee via Konstella email if you can only help part of the time.
For those new to Lunch Patrol/First Aid, please see the attached documents that will help guide you through the process.
During the shifts, every volunteer will help keep children safe in the lunchroom and on the playground.  One of the volunteers will also be asked to help with the First Aid cart.  The First Aid volunteer will take the First Aid cart out of the nurse's office (next to  the school office), make sure it is stocked with cold packs and water, and place it at the end of the hallway, near the playground.  At the end of the shift,  please return the cart to the nurse's office.  See attached documents on the PFC website for details. Click
Thank you for your help!