MDUSD Budget Update & Special Board Meeting this Monday, March 2nd, 7pm
Sun, Mar 1 8:21am

Hi Walnut Acres Parents,

As you know, districts across California are facing budget reductions and cuts, including MDUSD. MDUSD budget reductions are now targeted at $21.1 million. The following information comes from the MDUSD website and MDUSD Board Member (and former WA parent) Cherise Khaund’s blog.

This Monday, March 2nd at 7pm is a MDUSD Special Board Meeting, specifically to discuss budget reduction recommendations, and make Particular Kind of Service (PKS) decisions - this is the list of positions to receive pink slips. You are welcome to attend, speak, or watch online. 

Superintendent Dr. Robert Martinez shared an overview of these budget reduction recommendations in his Superintendent’s Friday Letter.  For more detail on the budget reduction recommendations, please see the presentation attached to Section 9.2 of the MDUSD Special Board Meeting Agenda. The presentation includes a list of the recommendations from district leadership to the Governing Board. 

For additional details about the MDUSD Budget Crisis, including the latest updates, Board Presentations, Budget Survey Results and a Frequently Asked Questions section, visit:  Budget Solutions.

What else can you do to help? Please call the governor and all state legislators who represent our district, to ask them to significantly increase funding for public education immediately.  

From the grassroots Contra Costa Coalition to Fund Education Now (follow them on Twitter @cccfunded ) - Frustrated with cuts in your school district? Seeing them in nearby districts too? Enough is enough. Call the Governor TODAY plus every state legislator that represents your school district: