MDUSD Registration FAQ from Cherise Khaund, MDUSD Governing Board President
Sat, Feb 20 4:14pm
The following FAQ was created by Cherise Khaund, MDUSD Governing Board President, in response to questions she has received from parents today regarding the email survey from MDUSD titled "Required March 1st registration - Distance Learning or New Hybrid schedule." I hope you find it helpful! 

‪1. Is this survey binding?
No. This survey is an opportunity for parents to let their school site know if they might want in person learning, so the school site has numbers to design the structure of 4th quarter in person opportunities.
2. How can I decide now without a specific schedule?
The schedules have not been set, those shown are just samples. The general idea is that students stay with their teacher and class via distance learning in the morning, and then come in for extra help and in-person opportunities in the afternoon. (E.g. Reading groups, math tutoring, extra language learning time, optional science labs/experiences, student hands-on art/robotics/leadership)
Each site would take that idea and adjust the schedule to their own student needs and programs (e.g. dual language site could look very different from others.)
Each site needs to know now which students are really interested in coming back in person this spring, so they can plan how to staff the offerings.
3. What if I work and cannot bring my child in the afternoon, but I really want them to have in-person learning? What if my child normally takes county buses to school?
There is an open question on the survey about additional needs. The school and District will do their best to meet as many needs as feasible. So please do write in there what any of your specific needs are.
(E.g. some districts provide quiet study spaces for students to zoom into classes from. I think if the District knows numbers of who needs this option at each school, it might be possible to create that for the morning time, thus building a full day schedule overall for a small group who desperately need it. )
4. What if a parent has no email or cell phone?
School sites will be reaching out to families in additional ways to help them answer the survey - on paper or by phone.