March Sing Out - Citizenshiip
Thu, Mar 26 9:01pm

This month has been unpredictable, crazy, surreal… We have been asked to be fluid and flexible and maintain our distance from each other. This forced social separation has been challenging because we are such a caring and loving community. We try to be there for each other helping when situations get out of hand. We understand that we are part of a family, a neighborhood, a city, a county, a state and as such adhere to demands that are communally beneficial and not necessarily individually comfortable. We recognize that this behavior is an essential element of citizenship. During our Walnut Acres parade, the appreciation for one another was tangible amidst the honks, banners, cowbells,  pompoms and yes, the happy tears. Next week would have been our Citizenship sing out in the MUR but instead of cancelling the event as a whole, let us share our creative talents in a virtual sing out. At the end of this message there will be a link to a Flipgrid webpage created for you to upload or record your inspired rendition of this month’s sing out song, God Bless the USA sung by Judy Ryken. Be creative - lip-sync, act out or just sing with your family and share with our community. Let’s enjoy each others virtual company.


Be safe, be healthy and especially patient with this digital sharing medium.




PS: At every sing out we have an entrance song hence the link below, enjoy.



Link to Flipgrid: