No Power Outage Forecasted for Walnut Acres
Tue, Oct 13 5:53pm

Good Afternoon Walnut Acres Families,

Although other parts of the Bay Area may face power outage (by PG & E) for Wednesday through Friday, our school currently has no power outage forecasted for the near future.  


If we ever experience a power outage in our area, teachers may not be able to conduct live instruction on Zoom, and students may not be able to log on.  In instances like this, we welcome students and parents to be creative in thinking about activities/things you can do without power.  Consider reading or rereading books, complete any assigned independent work, exercise or enjoy an outdoor activity, write about things one can do when there is no electricity,  draw and color, play a board or card game.


PG & E's power shutoff may be an inconvenience, but necessary to keep us safe.  Condistions can always change, but no power outage is expected in our near future when I entered the school address on the PG & E website just now at 5:30 pm.  


Stay safe and healthy,

Principal Luong