PFC 2018-19... Let's Make Amazing Things Happen!
Fri, Apr 13 9:38am
PFC Board 2017-18

Hello Walnut Acres Parents!

I want to thank each and every one of you for the incredible year we have had so far! This school year has seen some impressive accomplishments which are due to our amazing parents taking on important roles and doing them exceptionally well. From welcoming our new families before the school year starts, to showcasing our students' various talents, to pulling off goal-crushing fundraisers, our parents have done a fantastic job. Thank you for any part you have had in this success!

Now, believe it or not, we are planning for next year and I am hoping that many of you will join me to keep the momentum going. We are very close to meeting our fundraising goals for this year - we just need a hugely successful Walk-a-Thon to push us to the finish line! Next year, our goals will be even more ambitious, and now is the time to assemble a team that will be ready to tackle those goals with as much energy and enthusiasm as this year.

Whether you are a seasoned school volunteer, or brand new to this PFC thing, we have roles that appeal to many interests and/or talents. We have created a quick survey where you can tell us what interests you. A link to the board position descriptions is included in the survey. 

On the Executive Committee (EC), we have three open positions: Secretary, Financial Secretary, and a new position, VP of Community Relations. These are excellent roles for getting involved in the EC and having a greater say in the future of our school's success.

Our most urgent need is for enthusiastic leaders for our fundraisers. Here's why... The PFC Executive Committee has been working diligently to prepare our budget for next year. That budget will be presented at the April PFC meeting next Tuesday, April 17 (7:00 pm in the Library) and will be officially voted on at the May PFC meeting on May 15 (7:00 pm in the MUR). In order for us to include projected income from our fundraisers in the budget, we need to have leaders committed to heading up those fundraisers before we approve the budget in May. If we are not able to find these leaders, we will have to decrease our income projections which translates to losing some of the important programs and supplemental staff that the PFC supports.  

Our income projections are based primarily on our "Big Four" fundraisers: Jaguar Fund, Auction, Walk-a-Thon, and Read-a-Thon. While we welcome you to join any of these fundraising teams, we are most urgently seeking leaders for the Auction and the Read-a-Thon.

  • The Auction is most successful with a solid team of individuals who will work closely throughout the year to  bring all the pieces together. We have a few incredible individuals who have expressed interest - we just need to find a handful more to build out a fabulous team. If you are remotely interested, let us know. We know Auction sounds a bit daunting, so we plan to hold an "Auction Info Gathering" session for interested parents in the next few weeks.
  • The Read-a-Thon can be effectively run by 2 (or 3) individuals. Find a friend or two and sign up as a team to lead this favorite early winter fundraiser. 

There are plenty of other opportunities, too. Some only take a few hours per month and can be done mostly at home in your pajamas! Take a look at the survey to see if there's a possible fit for you.

Please complete the quick survey as soon as possible so we can identify next year's leaders and plan our budget accordingly. If you've met some new parents this year that you think would bring new ideas and energy to our team, encourage them to get involved.

Thank you again for being such an amazing and generous group of parents! We look forward to working with you next year!


p.s. If you haven't already, don't forget to donate to our final fundraiser of the year, the  Walk-a-Thon