PFC President's Message - March 17, 2020
Tue, Mar 17 2:25pm

Dear Walnut Acres Families,

I write to you knowing that we all have a lot on our hearts and minds right now. Family, community, safety, health. Those come first. But we also need connection in a time of social isolation. And a bit of fun wouldn’t hurt!

So please take a moment to go to your calendar and enter Walnut Acres Virtual Auction on Friday, March 20th from 8pm-10pm. This Friday, get the kids to bed early, and join your fellow parents in a virtual Cheers! with a beverage of your choice from the comfort of your home. You can bid on live auction items, buy-in parties like our infamous Wine Walk, and contribute to an amazing Fund-a-Need in support of the visual and performing arts at our school. We can look to the future and stay safe in the present.

Additional details will be shared over the next few days. So please watch your email, follow our new @WalnutAcresPFC on Facebook and Instagram, and plan to share your Jaguar Spirit and #AcresAlmostAuction moments with your friends this Friday.

I realize that even when everything is cancelled, you probably have a lot going on. Over here, Giddings Boarding School is a definite work in progress! Not sure how the other homeschools are going, but I do know our Auction Team is ALSO fitting in arrangements for #AcresAlmostAuction. A BIG SHOUT OUT is absolutely due to the amazing Veronica Velilla-Wiesner, Auction Lead, Holly Guy & Anna Halverson, Donation Co-Leads, the Donation Team: Hillary Bennett, Pam Berrien, Brian Caughell, Caroline Clerempuy, Robin Conley, Sandie Dudley, Sonia Lele & Stacey Henley, the Party Team: Susan Heffran, Angela McArthur, & Shelley Mollineaux, Buy In Parties: Danielle Getty & Sarah Waters, Communications and Copywriter: Sarah Hickman-Auger & Erin Adrian, Ticketing and Seating: Shakeya St. Julien Garcia, Graphic Designer: Marisa Ghiglieri-Linquist, and the Closing Team: Jennifer Haro, Elissa Neil & Oksana Sobol. THANK YOU to this amazing team doing amazing things for our school at a very challenging time.

And thank you to all our teachers and families for your creativity during these weeks at home and what I know will be your continued support of our school. Looking forward to #AcresAlmostAuction this Friday, and to connecting in person in the future!

Stay Safe and Have Fun Homeschooling,
Brooke Giddings
PFC President

P.S. Placing orders on Amazon from the safety of your home? Don’t forget to go to Walnut Acres PFC and click on our Amazon link to access Walnut Acres PFC will receive up to 10% of the purchase price!


“Contagion is real, but it doesn’t just work for viruses. It works for kind words and generous thoughts, and acts of selflessness and honesty.”
– NYT feature writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner, after interviewing Tom Hanks.